Tumble dryer fire warning to business owners

Tumble dryer fire warning to business owners

Fire safety officers are urging businesses that use tumble dryers to follow safety advice to prevent fires.

Businesses such as care homes, hairdressers, cafes, bars and restaurants that wash and dry towels and tea towels on site are at risk from fires involving tumble dryers according to Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Investigations found that the residue of chemicals, grease and oil can cause a fire, if not properly washed out of laundry. This occurs when the items are heated to high temperature in a dryer and are then either not removed from the dryer or are folded into piles after the drying cycle ends. Items then overheat causing laundry to self-combust. Poor maintenance of tumble dryers is also a factor.

Cleaning filters, removing fluff, lint and debris reduces the chance of a fire breaking out in a tumble dryer especially when used regularly or for large loads.

Keith Brooks, Head of Community Fire Protection said: “I would like to urge all tumble dryer users to take our advice and stay safe from fire but particularly business owners where the chance of a fire is greatly increased”.

“Regular maintenance and washing materials at the correct temperature to remove residue is vital but no appliance should ever be left running while unattended or overnight.”

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