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A Kitchen fire suppression system is on guard 24/7 to protect your customers, staff and business. We can fit an automated fire suppression system and guarantee fitting to meet insurance compliance.

The PAFSS system is the best way to protect catering equipment against unpredictable fire. These state of the art pneumatic systems are completely self contained. There is no requirement for an external energy or power supply. How clever is that!

Pneumatically actuated fire suppression systems – PAFSS

A Kitchen Fire Suppression System will be on guard 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You will have complete peace of mind through a system that does not require any movement or power to detect a fire and activate. It even works during power disruption.

>A well designed discreet system that is quick to install
>Speedy and automatic activation
>Aesthetics in keeping with kitchen environments
>Stainless steel pipes, fittings and nozzles
>Detection mechanism not affected by oil, dirt or kitchen grease
>Points of detection are unlimited due to heat and flame linear heat detection
>Detection tubing designed to be fitted adjacent to areas of risk
>Affordable and competitive whole life cost
>Extinguishing agent is 99% biodegradable

A kitchen fire suppression system is the perfect solution for commercial kitchens.

Get in touch for all your fire safety and security requirements.  We supply restaurants, bars, hotels, and fast food outlets.

Our director Dave Gell explains the benefits of installing a PAFSS:

“The kitchen fire suppression system is based on specialised tubing that detects heat and flame. The system is easily installed; the flexible tubing withstands harsh conditions.  Any installation will see tubing run adjacent to all identified risks.

When exposed to heat or flames, the tube will rupture.  Depressurisation of the cylinder valve will occur, this activates the suppression system. The system is really clever because to detect and actuate, there is no power or external energy required.

The PAFSS system is suitable for small enclosed kitchens or wider areas; direct and indirect systems give a full range to match to your situation.  When activated the suppression agent is released aimed at the area of hazard.

By dealing with any fire at source, damage to assets will be minimised. The kitchen fire suppression system can boost business continuity, making it a sound investment.”

For a quote get in touch with us here or call us on 0151 647 5316.

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