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We retail extinguishers from our premises in Birkenhead, alongside a good stock of fire safety signs. We work with many independent and multi-site businesses to assess their fire safety needs.  Once the appropriate fire extinguishers have been selected our engineers install them to British Standards and issue all required certifications. Most of our customers have a maintenance agreement in place and if training is required we can tailor this to meet the specific needs of any business. We recommend starting with a Fire Risk Assessment that is a legal requirement.


Fire Extinguisher Types & Classes

Many organisations come to us confused about the type of extinguisher they require. Our professional advice ensures a robust solution often saving our customers time and money. Our team will guide you through the ratings and sizes and make a clear recommendation to keep your premises safe. The regulations can be a minefield, so our fire safety engineers are trained to identify the extinguishers to give you the best protection. We will advise where to site the appliances. This is essential, otherwise attempts to make the workplace safer can backfire putting staff and customers at risk. Get in touch here to see how we can help.


Siting & Installation

We see many workplaces that have too many fire extinguishers incorrectly sited. Our expertise in conducting fire safety and extinguisher surveys will ensure your workplace is adequately covered. By applying our expertise we can streamline your set up and maintenance costs, whilst providing a more effective solution in the case of an emergency. Portable fire extinguishers are intended to give people the opportunity to tackle a small fire at point of ignition or before it has a chance to take hold. Used correctly and in the right circumstances, they offer an effective means to protect your staff, customers and business. Plus it can help you avoid a hefty fine.


Maintenance & service

Talk to us about a sensibly priced maintenance agreement for your fire extinguishers. We cover servicing, maintenance and ongoing advice on changes in legislation that affect you. We have a team of BAFE qualified technicians, working to British Standards. For your peace of mind all our fire safety engineers are DBS checked and their experience means they work with minimum disruption to your business. Our happy clients include medical centres, schools, shops, landlords and multi-site businesses. As standard, whilst on site, we provide a demonstration in the use of appliances to boost reaction times and confidence should an emergency arise.


On Site commissioning

For your peace of mind, we conduct on site commissioning for fire extinguishers supplied and installed by ourselves or other competent contractors. This is a necessary procedure as fire extinguishers can loose pressure or become damaged during transit. An on-site inspection by a competent person is recommended under British Standards (5306-3). Commissioning fire extinguishers requires specific training, if you do not have this skill in house please contact us for a competitive quote.


Fire safety signs

We stock all the signs you are required to display under The Fire Safety Order 2005 and Health & Safety Regulations. As a starting point, all extinguishers should be accompanied with an ID sign. Cut through the confusion and speak to us so we can ensure your fire safety signage is displayed in accordance with British Standards. Please contact us for advice on signs, to request a free site survey or to purchase signage. The signs we supply are Everlux high performance photoluminescent rigid plastic. During our training courses we provide advice on the signage needed at your business.

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