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Fire Safety and protection specialists with experience in many industries. We act as your compliance partner across all your fire safety needs. You will be assigned a project manager to take responsibility from the initial risk assessment to commissioning and handover of your system. We offer reasonably priced maintenance agreements and a 24/7 call out service, 365 days a year, for our clients. Many of our customers also choose to store copies of their documents and certificates on our secure online system ‘The Vault’. We provide this service completely free of charge, giving you confidence that you can lay your hands on your documents at any time.


Fire Risk Assessment

A Fire Risk Assessment [FRA] is the starting point for all businesses. The Fire Safety Order states that an FRA is a legal requirement. One of our experienced advisors will conduct an assessment to determine the specific requirements of your site from the installation of extinguishers to fire safety training. For your convenience a copy of your FRA will be held on our secure vault, giving you 24/7 online access. Expect ongoing support and advice alongside comprehensive documentation. You will receive a complimentary fire safety log book, an emergency plan, a fire safety policy, a fire evacuation procedure and staged evacuation procedure, a stay-put policy, young persons policy and, if required, a hot work permit.


Emergency Lighting Installed and Maintained

We are skilled in the design of new emergency lighting systems from scratch. We will only make suggestions to maintain your existing installation if safe and legal to do so. Our engineers design, install, commission and service systems to best meet the specific requirements at any premises. We are experienced in maintained systems where lights are on permanently and switch to battery power in an emergency and also non-maintained lights which automatically come on in the event of a power failure. If you already have a system installed we will advise on replacing or upgrading fittings, or providing advice on ongoing maintenance so that your building is compliant with fire safety legislation. We cover emergency escape, escape route and standby lighting. Please ask for advice on which is most suitable for your place of work.


Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems are often an insurance requirement. They are frequently implemented where there is a demand to protect life or property without human intervention. We design solutions that, in the event of an incident, will automatically extinguish a fire and sound an alarm. We will examine the broad range of factors to help you decide on the ideal solution. This will vary depending on what you are protecting. We work with hotels, restaurants, schools, care homes, and with companies that have server rooms. We provide advice on clean, dry, gaseous and FM200 suppression.


Fire Doors UK

Fire doors are an effective measure to stop the spread of fire and smoke. They need to be checked monthly as part of a suitable maintenance regime to comply with The Fire Safety Order. The smoke seals and intumescent strips should be inspected at regular intervals to ensure the doors are in good working order and fully compliant with legal requirements. Our engineers install and service door closures and releases. For your peace of mind we only use products that conform to British Standards. Wirral Fire Protection has supplied and fitted hundreds of doors for premises with sleeping risks including HMOs (houses in multiple occupation), hotels, care homes and for social and private landlords.


Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection is considered in the structural design of a building to ensure its integrity in the event of a fire. As part of a balanced approach to fire safety management, implementing it can slow down or stop the spread of fire by using containment. Effective compartmentalisation can limit the spread of fire across walls, ceilings and floors. Fire doors and windows work together forming an effective barrier to smoke and fire. Solutions may incorporate fire-stopping materials to achieve a fire rating. Passive fire protection is regulated by building control and subject to building regulation. Wirral Fire Protection act as a fire safety compliance partner to ensure your buildings are fit for purpose.


Dry and Wet Risers

Dry rising mains are intended for use by the Fire Service or other trained personnel. Dry risers have the capacity to provide a considerable amount of water to extinguish or prevent the spread of fire in a multi-storey building. Wet risers are pipes that are permanently charged with water either from a storage tank or directly from the water mains. The type of riser required is dictated by the nature of the building. Before any installation takes place the exact requirements of the local Fire Service must be ascertained. Sites that have fire risers are required to meet the standards set out in BS9990/2006. To comply with safety legislation a visual inspection is required every six months and a pressure test every 12 months. We can assist in installation and maintenance of these systems.


Fire Safety Courses

We provide fire safety training in our on-site classroom at Birkenhead on The Wirral or at your place of work. Courses are offered to train your staff as fire safety managers, fire wardens and fire marshals. We also provide training to assist your staff in becoming competent in the use of fire extinguishers. Working across many different industries for more than two decades we have designed specific courses for care homes, schools, catering and hospitality venues, shopping centres and medical premises. If you would like a bespoke course delivered for your staff please get in touch and we shall advise accordingly. Read more about the syllabuses on offer and check the dates of upcoming courses here.

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