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Do you meet the legal requirements of The Fire Safety Order? As a BAFE certified company Wirral Fire Protection can help you meet these obligations fuss free at a fair price. We are one of a very small number of local companies that hold BAFE certification for Fire detection/alarm systems and Fire extinguishers (Service/maintenance). Working with us guarantees peace of mind, a competent job that is fit for purpose and meeting the legal requirements of The Fire Safety Order.

The video below takes less than two minutes to watch. It explains how the responsibilities outlined in the Fire Safety Order affect every UK business and why you should work with a BAFE certified supplier. If you own a business and haven’t appointed a Responsible Person for your fire safety, then this becomes you by default.

Are you aware of your Fire Safety Responsibilities?

Every owner or occupier of a non domestic building in the UK has a legal obligation to protect staff, visitors and property from fire. As a BAFE certified company, working with Wirral fire can satisfy the requirements for due diligence in your fire safety efforts for:

If you have not appointed a responsible person for your fire safety, then the business owner becomes this person by default. By law you will have to perform these duties to a satisfactory standard.

Your responsibilies include:

Making a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment

Keeping your fire risk assessment up to date

Providing adequate fire fighting equipment

Equipping the building with fire detectors and alarms where required

Providing illuminated emergency exits where required

Ensure all fire safety provisions are maintained in working order

BAFE plays a role in helping the appointed responsible person at your business find a fire protection supplier with the appropriate level of expertise.

BAFE approval gives third party certification in specific areas of fire protection. By choosing to work with a BAFE registered company, verified in the specific area of fire protection you require, you can be sure that you have acted with due diligence to help meet your obligations under UK Fire legislation.

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