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Fire risk assessments are mandatory by law. Because every business requires one, we keep our fire risk assessment cost as competitive as possible. We then focus on a solution that may be cheaper and less disruptive than just implementing a set of guidelines that may not be entirely suitable for your business.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 was designed to replace all previous pieces of legislation regarding fire safety, in England and Wales.  It is recommended that employers and other responsible persons such as housing associations, schools, hospitals, and landlords familiarise themselves with the legislation so that they understand the requirements.

The fire risk assessment cost should be viewed as an investment, the foundation for fire safety in any premises. It is a structured tool to enable you assess the safety of your business. It first looks at the likelihood of fire and the risks and hazards associated within premises. Secondly it looks at the measures in place to keep people safe and minimise risks such as fire escapes, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, emergency lights. It also looks at the fire safety management of the business, staff training, maintenance and servicing, procedures and drills, routine inspection.

The legislation applies to virtually all non-domestic premises and the common parts of a block of flats. It is always advisable to write down the risk assessment and the various control measures, but where five or more people are employed (‘Employed’ includes part time, temporary and voluntary workers) the risk assessment must be recorded (written down).

The findings must also be recorded in the case of premises for which legislation requires licensing or registration. It maybe a requirement from your insurers or a governing body such as CQC or OFSTED to have a fire risk assessment. It can also be a condition of sale for a flat/premises to have a fire survey carried out.

It is the duty of the ‘responsible person’ to ensure there is a fire risk assessment, cost to do this professionally before asking an unqualified person to take on such a significant responsibility. The ‘responsible person’ is normally the organisation, but in multi-occupancy buildings they could also be the managing agent or landlord.

The ‘responsible person’ must nominate a competent fire risk assessor either from within his own undertaking or by employing a third party competent fire risk assessor, such as Wirral Fire Protection.

Regardless of who carries out the fire risk assessment, be it a member of the organisation or a third party, the adequacy of the fire risk assessment rests with the ‘responsible person’. The person who takes on this role must then ensure that the significant findings of the fire risk assessment are implemented and that all the fire protection systems are in place and managed accordingly.

The fire safety order is concerned only with the protection of life. Most businesses also invest in the modest fire risk assessment cost with a qualified professional to extend their provision to the protection of property and business continuity. We see an increasing number of clients also considering the protection they can offer the environment.

Wirral Fire Protection has been carrying out fire risk assessments for businesses throughout Wirral, Cheshire, Liverpool, North Wales since the new legislation was introduced. Our assessors are highly qualified , and we are experienced in all sectors including

  • HMOs
  • Care homes, Nursing homes
  • Hotels and B&B
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Places of worship
  • Factories
  • Multi occupancy

Your Wirral Fire Protection Fire Risk Assessment will be the cornerstone of your Fire Safety and the starting point for all responsible persons or business owners. Following a visit by one of our assessors you will receive a comprehensive bespoke report with observations, recommendations, photographic evidence, executive summary and action plan.

Wirral Fire Protection’s assessments include on-going support and provide (free of charge) a fire safety logbook, emergency plan, fire safety policy, fire evacuation procedure, staged evacuation procedure, stay-put policy, young persons policy, and hot work permit.

Remember, your fire risk assessment governs everything else. Whether you require an alarm or more detectors, fire doors, suppression systems, structural alterations (including fire rated partitions), additional means of escape… and the list goes on. Under-experienced assessors do not understand the areas where flexibility can be applied, that British Standards are only guides, and that an engineered approach may not only be more suitable, but a cheaper and less disruptive option for the business.

Your fire risk assessment should be regularly reviewed and updated. It should also be updated if there has been any change within the business or premises.

Failure to carry out a fire risk assessment is a criminal offence. Where the assessment identifies the need for improvements, failure to implement those improvements is also a criminal offence.

Call us now for a quote for your Fire Risk Assessment cost, we offer a comprehensive service at realistic prices.

If you already have a fire risk assessment but are unsure whether it is suitable and sufficient we will happily review it free of charge.

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