Candles in the home

A few candles scattered round a room can lend a warm glow to an evening, but please remember that candles also bring fire into your home - so they need to be treated carefully. Safety advice Here are some safety tips that will help you to use candles safely: Outdoor candles should never…

Candle Fire Safety Week

People across Merseyside are urged to prevent fires in their home by taking care when using candles. As part of Candle Fire Safety Week, led by the National Fire Kills campaign, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is asking people to take simple steps to stay safe. Around 40% of fires…
Safety Tips After Candles Cause Fires

Safety Tips After Candles Cause Fires

Candles caused a number of house fires during the festive season and in January. Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service was called to six fires involving candles between December 23, 2012, and January 2 this year. On January 1 firefighters were called after a candle set fire to curtains in a…

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