‘Miss, the school is on fire’: Boy aged 4 saves lives of classmates after spotting smoke in school kitchen

‘Miss, the school is on fire’: Boy aged 4 saves lives of classmates after spotting smoke in school kitchen


  • By Jeremy Armstrong (Mirror)

Youngster Liam Mansell hailed a hero after he calmly walked up to his teacher and told her about the smoke coming from the school kitchen


The four-year-old saved the lives of his fellow pupils after telling a teacher “Miss, Miss, I think the school is on fire”.

Mini marvel Liam Mansell was in his first week at school when he spotted smoke coming from a classroom kitchen and immediately knew what to do.

He walked up to his teacher and told her the school was on fire.

Around 200 pupils aged four to 11 at White Mere Community Primary School in Wardley, Gateshead, were immediately guided to safety.

And Liam is all set to become the youngest ever winner of a fire service bravery award for his quick-thinking efforts.

Mum Vicki Mansell, 36, said: “He’s my little hero, I am so proud of him.”

Liam had been at school for just four days when he spotted smoke as he went to pick up his packed lunch box at home-time.

Realising a fire had broken out in the kitchen area of the nursery, the reception pupil rushed back to his teacher, Gemma Richardson, and said: “I can see and smell smoke coming from out there, I think our school is on fire.”

She rushed out and, realising a laminating machine had caught fire, set off the school alarm, and helped in the evacuation of the whole building.

Mrs Richardson, 32, said: “He is an absolute star. He had only been here four days but that did not stop him coming over and telling me straight away.”

The fire brigade attended and dealt with the fire.

Head teacher Gayle Howe said: “Liam helped save all his friends and all the teachers, we are so very proud of him. The school was evacuated within two minutes.

“This only goes to show how important it is to tell the children the fire drill procedure. Every child in the school knows what they must do should they spot a fire.”

Little Liam Mansel, 4 who is a pupil at Whitemere primary school Gateshead, Liam noticed a fire starting in the school and ran to tell his teacher and assistant head Gemma Richardson<br />
Liam and station manager Ian Warne
Fire watch: Liam and station manager Ian Warne

Liam, of Leam Lane, Gateshead, will be presented with a Bravery Award by Dave Escott, the town’s district manager for Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.

Dave said: “If it was not for the bravery and grown up way Liam acted the incident could have easily escalated. This really does highlight the fact you are never too young to know about fire safety.”

Liam will collect his award with mum Vicki and brothers Stevie, 12, Harley, 11, and seven-month-old Mason.

Vicki added: “When the teacher rang to say what had happened, I could not believe it.”

The fire, on Thursday, September 11, was contained to the kitchen area.



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