Liverpool council crackdown after fly-tipping of tyres creates fire hazard

Liverpool council crackdown after fly-tipping of tyres creates fire hazard

Liverpool council crackdown after fly-tipping of tyres creates fire hazard

CITY environmental bosses are investigating after two major incidents of fly-tipping.

Scores of tyres were dumped in a brook off Green Lane in Tuebrook while behind the Carlton cinema nearby numerous bags of rubbish were left.

It is not known whether one offender is responsible for the dumping or whether the incidents were completely separate.

Environmental health officers are scouring CCTV footage for clues as to who the offenders are. The tyres were dumped by a lorry which was spotted by residents.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue were also involved as the highly flammable tyres could have posed a fire risk.

A probe into the environmental crimes was launched after residents alerted their local councillors.

Liberal leader Cllr Steve Radford said the dumping was a “disgrace” and that he hoped the council would throw the book at the offenders.

Cllr Radford added: “Clearly this dumping presents a public health nuisance and we should not be left to pay to clear this sort of mess up.

“Because residents acted quickly in advising us of the time and date of the incidents we will be able to prosecute them and I hope they take the full hit of the law for this.”

Fire officers who attended the scene carried out a risk assessment on the dumped rubbish.

Kevin Firth, fire brigade community safety manager for Liverpool north, said: “There is a fire risk because the tyres at the site could be used as fuel for a fire.

“The material is near to a derelict building so in this case although there may be little direct risk to life there would be a risk to the safety of our firefighters who would have to put out the fire involving a quantity of rubbish that should not be there.

“There would also be the nuisance and health risks to nearby residents if large quantities of rubber and other unknown materials were set alight.

“Liverpool’s community safety team is considering ideas such as a regular campaign showing photos of dumped furniture to see if someone can identify it.

“This may stop the unscrupulous operators from taking money to dispose of furniture illegitimately and also the irresponsible homeowners who ignore proper services available.”

Council cabinet member for the environment Cllr Tim Moore added: “Fly-tipping is a crime against everybody who takes pride in their city and community.

“We have immediately set to work doing all we can to identify the culprits and the council will push for the highest sanctions as part of our drive to stamp out environmental crime.

“We have already shown our intent on this issue by raising dog fouling fines – we will also push for the maximum penalties in cases like this.”

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