Homes left without power following cable fire

Homes left without power following cable fire

More than 1,100 people were left without power after power sub-station cable blew.

The incident happened at a sub-station in Whitendale Drive, Bamber Bridge.

One of the cables feeding into the station blew at just before 6.40pm yesterday.

In total 1,140 people were left without power.

A spokesman for Electricity North West said the majority of customers had their power back by 7.30pm. All were expected to have been back on by 10pm.

Mark Noblett, watch manager at Bamber Bridge fire, said the received a call to the incident at 6.37pm

He said: “We had reports of a couple of explosions from a sub-station. When we arrived there was smoke coming from the vent of the brick building.

“We stood by and waited for Electricity North West.”

He added that it was clear a large part of Bamber Bridge had been left without power and several alarms could be heard going off.

Around 15 minutes later when the engineer arrived, firefighters used a dry powder extinguisher to get rid of remaining fire from a rubber cable.

The engineer then isolated the damaged cable.

Lancashire Evening Post

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