Halloween – fire safety tips

Halloween – fire safety tips

With 31st October just around the corner, Wirral Fire would like to remind you about some important fire safety messages.

Every year at Halloween, many adults and children are injured in accidents where lighted candles or fireworks have ignited flammable costumes and hair.

Plastic capes and bin liners, often used as costumes, are also fire risks.

Homemade lanterns made from hollowed pumpkins and candles are extremely hazardous.  If the candle tips over it could set light to materials such as costumes, curtains, clothes and furniture and start a serious fire.

Lanterns should never be made from plastic bottles or other containers. This would be very dangerous and if handled carelessly could result in burns and also cause a fire.

Halloween  – window posters

If you do not want to be disturbed by trick or treaters this Halloween, you can display a No Trick or Treat poster on your front door/window.

There are two posters which can be downloaded and printed from this web page (below).

Halloween Poster - No trick or treatersPoster – No trick or treaters

If you do not want Trick or Treat callers to knock on your door, then you can use the  “no” poster, which has the message:  No trick or treaters, please

Download a copy of the ‘No’ poster  (new window PDF 127 KB)

 Poster – Yes trick or treaters

If you welcome Trick or Treat callers, then use the “yes” poster, which has the message:   Trick or treaters welcome

Download a copy of the ‘Yes’ poster  (new window PDF 125 K

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