Guernsey hotel fire treated as suspicious

Guernsey hotel fire treated as suspicious

A fire at a derelict hotel in Guernsey is being treated as suspicious by firefighters.

The BBC reports that firefighters needed six hours to control the blaze, which had taken hold of the empty Idlerocks Hotel.

Approximately 20 firefighters were needed to fight the conflagration, which Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service said had started at approximately 1.20am.

A spokesman told the news provider that four firefighters then stayed on site to continue dampening down the hotel.

While hotels and other examples of sleeping accommodation have very safety strict regulations in place in the UK, derelict buildings will usually be poorly maintained and subsequently pose a significant risk, particularly if electrical circuits have fallen into disrepair.

When taking over derelict buildings, a thorough fire risk assessment should be undertaken, particularly if the site will provide sleeping accommodation in the future.

As well as making sure fire exists are clear and electrical systems are safe, there should also be a clear means of calling the fire brigade in the event of an emergency.

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