Fire safety warning issued after caravan burns to the ground

Fire safety warning issued after caravan burns to the ground

Emergency Services have issued a fire safety warning after a caravan in Gronant, Prestatyn was burnt to the ground over the weekend.

Crews from Holywell, Prestatyn and Rhyl were called to the caravan park on Shore Road, Gronant at 20.58pm on Saturday, May 7.

Firefighters used six breathing apparatus and two hose reel jets to tackle the fire, which caused 100% fire damage to the caravan involved and 25% fire and smoke damage to an adjacent caravan.

The occupants of the caravan were not inside at the time of the fire.

Due to the extent of the fire damage, the cause of the fire cannot be identified at present.

North Wales Fire and Rescue are now appealing to caravanners and campers to take on board some simple summer safety advice and ensure all caravans are fitted with working smoke alarms.

Mike Owen from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Thankfully no one was in the caravan at the time of the fire, but the rapid fire spread demonstrates the importance of fitting working smoke alarms in all caravans – within 15 minutes, this caravan had been completely destroyed by fire.

“Fire can strike at any time, anywhere – and it is vital that we are all on our guard and try to do all that we can to keep safe. Caravans and tents are potentially more hazardous as the inherent risks are magnified in confined spaces.”

Those planning a break in a caravan or tent should keep the following advice in mind:

Be prepared

–  Ensure tents or caravans are kept at least six metres apart

–  Find out what the fire-fighting arrangements are on the campsite and where the nearest telephone is

–  Fit an optical smoke alarm in your caravan and make sure it is working

–  Make sure there is either a fully charged water or dry powder extinguisher located inside the caravan near the exit door a a fire blanket adjacent to the cooking area

–  Keep a torch handy for emergencies – do not use a candle

–  Do not leave children alone in a caravan – and keep matches and lighters out of the reach

–  Do not overload electric sockets or extension leads if you have access to a power supply and make sure electrical appliances are working correctly

–  Make sure everyone knows how to operate escape windows and doors

–  Keep flammable liquids and gas cylinders away from tents.

–  Do not cook inside your tent.

–  Be prepared to cut your way out of your tent in the event of a fire.

–  If your clothing catches fire, STOP, DROP AND ROLL.

–  Oil burning appliances should not be used in or around tents.

–  Cooking appliances should not be used in small tents.

–  Do not smoke inside tents.

–  The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from a barbeque left to smoulder cannot be over emphasised – portable barbeques must always be used in an area with proper ventilation, preferably outside, due to the potential rapid build up of the deadly gas. Low levels of exposure can cause dizziness, headaches and flu-like symptoms – the gas can quickly render someone unconscious by depriving them of oxygen and at high levels it can kill in minutes.

Original source: Rhyl Journal


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