Bank station evacuated at height of rush hour due to fire alert

Bank station evacuated at height of rush hour due to fire alert

One of London’s busiest underground stations has been evacuated at the height of rush hour because of a fire alert sparking fresh chaos for travellers.

Commuters were cleared from the platforms at Bank station at 5.43pm when an alarm triggered, causing further havoc on a day when flooding has severely disrupted on London’s rail network.

A Transport for London (TfL) spokesman confirmed the station was evacuated because of a fire alert and added firefighters were en route to the central London Tube station to investigate.

Commuters at the scene described scenes of carnage as frantic passengers exited the station.

Some have described London as “grinding to a halt” after the evacuation follows on from weather which has flooded several Tube stations across the capital.

Ian Smith tweeted: “Bank station closed due to emergency. London grinds to a halt.”

Another posted: “Hundreds of people freaked out, escalators going the wrong way, staff useless.”

While one woman wrote: “Be careful at Bank station, people slipping everywhere due to flooding.”

Another woman posted: “And if it’s chaos at Waterloo, it’s absolute carnage at Bank station. London v Mother Nature and she’s winning hands down.”

The station reopened at 6.30pm.

TfL said it was investigating the cause of the alarm.

Original source: Evening Standard

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