More Tips About Fire Safety for Landlords

If you are the landlord of an HMO read this article first that outlines Mike’s fire safety tips for landlords regarding early warning, escape routes, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers.

As the landlord of an HMO you have an obligation to fit a fire alarm system. It must be suitably designed, fit for purpose and a partially interlinked fire alarm system installation. This promotes safety as it can help get people out before escape routes become untenable.

Leaving the design and installation of fire alarm systems in HMOs to security or electrical installers can leave you vulnerable to future litigation. Seek advice from a fire safety professional so that your system is fit for purpose.  An unqualified person may install a system that fails to operate when required, resulting in loss of life. A situation may also arise where you are causing unnecessary noise nuisance. We strongly recommend only using a life safety fire alarm installer. Speak to Mike for specialist advice on your tenanted property. This article provides tips for landlords about fire safety but you should seek advice specific to your property.

Landlords need to be aware that Article 17 of the Fire Safety Order states that all fire precautionary measures must be subject to a suitable system of maintenance.

Attending yourself weekly or monthly and completing a log book is necessary but this alone will not ensure compliance. Fire Extinguishers, fire alarms and emergency lights must be subject to more rigorous testing by specialist contractors on a 6 or 12 monthly regime. Certificates are provided for such testing and these together with your internal testing regime (log book) will ensure full compliance.

The magistrates courts have been handing out whopping fines to landlords  who do not comply with fire safety regulations.

And during the Summer the landlord licensing team of Liverpool City Council has been on a drive to crack down on landlords that are flouting the rules. The Liverpool Echo have been naming and shaming landlords.

Hotels and B&Bs are also subject to fire safety regulations. MPs have recently warned that many landlords are using Air B&B to hide from regulations.  The parliamentary group found that fire brigades are unaware of the location of many of these properties.

With more scrutiny in the pipeline we strongly recommend that anybody letting out property should seek timely, professional advice about keeping all tenants safe. Get in touch using the form below.

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