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Automatic fire suppression systems are also known as PAFSS (pneumatically activated fire suppression system); there are also water mist systems. PAFSS systems are designed to protect valuable assets, including CNC machine environments / plant .

Jactone PAFSS CNS machine fire suppression is installed as a self contained unit. It does not require an external power supply or an energy source to release the extinguishing agent. When exposed to heat or flame the detention tubing will burst. The pressurised system is activated to extinguish the fire.

Why Choose PAFSS Fire Suppression:

  • Unattended automatic machines present a fire risk
  • NO requirement for human intervention
  • NO external energy or power source required
  • NO mechanical movement required
  • Fire rapidly detected and extinguished at source
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001
  • British engineered and manufactured

CNC automatic fire suppression uk

CNC Machine Fire Suppression System – Options

Direct Systems: Multiple compartments protected by one system. System size determined by largest compartment requiring protection.

Indirect Systems: A single system will work on multiple or single compartments. Total volume of all compartments drives selection of the size of system.

Extinguishing Agent: Depending on the setting Clean Agent Novec 1240 (15 low bar pressure) or CO2 (high pressure system)

Low Cost: Whole of life costs of the system from installation and planned service and maintenance are affordable.

Manual Release: We can add an additional manual actuator valve. This acts as an enhancement as all systems have automatic tube detection and actuation as default.

Integration: PAFSS can be integrated with traditional detection systems; solenoid operation via a suitable control panel is an option. Highly sensitive detection can expedite discharge.

CE Mark: Pressure Equipment Directive (P.E.D. – 97/23/EC) compliant; components carry the CE mark.

CNC Machine Fire Suppression can be tailored to your precise requirements. The following features apply as standard:

    • Rapid installation minimising disruption to the business
    • Cost effective to maintain, giving whole of life value
    • Linear heat and flame detection provides unlimited number of detection points
    • Fitting adjacent to identified risk areas results in fast action
    • Installation not affected by dust, dirt and oil
    • Design principals reflect failsafe by design


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