Restaurant Fire Suppression – Liverpool, Wirral, North West, Chester

Protect your assets from fire with KitchenGuard restaurant fire suppression system. We fit automatic systems to protect your catering equipment and keep you in business.

Dealing with a fire at source will minimise damage to assets and ensure a quicker recovery of your restaurant operation. Fitting a Jactone PAFSS system can stop a fire before it fully develops. Fire suppression gives you peace of mind; protecting your staff, customers and assets.

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Restaurant Fire Suppression System – Features

  • Responsive: You want to deal with kitchen fires quickly. The PAFSS speedily detects fire and activates automatically.
  • Reliable: Trust is key. You need to know your system will work when it is needed. The system is not affected by oil, dirt or grease. Stainless steel fittings are robust in a potentially corrosive environment.
  • Ready: Even during down time fires can start. The system is self contained, it requires no power or manual activation. It is not connected to the electoral mains so is entirely self sufficient in the absence of staff.
  • Low Cost: Whole of life costs of the system from installation and planned service and maintenance are affordable.
  • British Built: The system is engineered by Jactone, we are your local approved installer. Manufacture and assembly takes place in the UK.
  • Environment: The wet chemical extinguishing agent is 99% biodegradable.

Dave Gell from Wirral Fire discusses pneumatically activated fire suppression systems for restaurants:

“In recent years food service fires account for one in ten industrial fires. Premises that serve food and drink are a high risk category because kitchen environments are hazardous.  The build up of grease, unattended fryers, damaged controls – all of these feature among the many reasons fires can start.

The PAFSS Kitchenguard system has been developed to specifically rise to the challenge of protecting your food service assets.  Kitchen fires are difficult to control, the system is engineered to deal specifically with catering equipment. The systems are affordable and are a brilliant investment.  With a restaurant fire suppression system, you will not only safeguard your assets but also keep staff and customers safer.

Any disruption to business is minimised, through speed and ease of cleaning up.  Getting the system installed will also strengthen your case should there be any insurance issues.

It’s a sound investment. Get in touch with me today and I will personally quote for installation at your premises. We work with independent restaurants, small and larger chains as well as hotels and care homes.  Get in touch with me here or call the office on 0151 647 5316.”

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