Cabinet Fire Suppression – Fume Hood & Laboratories

The Laboratory offers a particular risk of fire. Fume cabinet fire suppression must take into account a wide range of chemicals and potentially inflammatory processes. We install the Jactone PAFSS to protect fume hoods and cupboards.

The pneumatic system is self contained. When required it will activate without the need for power or human intervention. Flames or heat will burst the detection tubing, activate the cylinder valve and release the extinguishing agent. Many leading UK laboratories have the PAFSS cabinet fire suppression system fitted.

Why Choose PAFSS Fire Suppression:

  • Specifically designed to protect laboratory equipment
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality system
  • Can cope with a wide range of chemicals
  • Fume cupboards in close proximity can be protected
  • Reduces risk of lost research
  • Mitigates risk to staff and students
  • British engineered and manufactured

PAFSS_Fume cabinet fire suppression system

Fume Cabinet Fire Suppression System

Design: The specialist fire suppression system can detect and extinguish a fire in a fume cupboard. Dealing with the fire locally minimises danger and loss.

Fitting: The PAFSS fire suppression system can be fitted into existing laboratory hoods or new equipment. The system is rapidly installed and is easy to maintain.

Actuation: The extinguishing agent will be released within the fume cabinet, targeting the heart of the fire. The linear detection tubing means that detection points are unlimited.

Extra Safety: For added safety the PAFSS system can be integrated into an existing alarm system.

Laboratory fume cupboards, fume hoods and cabinets, can be effectively protected by the Jactone PAFSS. No external power is required to actuate the pneumatic system.

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