Fire Safety Company & BAFE Certification

Fire safety company

Fire Safety Company & BAFE Certification

Fire Safety Company

Third party certification is absolutely the best assurance of quality to meet your requirements. In addition BAFE certification is a third party endorsement. Therefore it offers independence evidence of competency for the specific service you require. First of all, watch the video below, it lasts about one minute. After that you will understand why to trust a BAFE certified Fire Safety Company.

How Does Third Party Certification Help You and Your Business?

  • We’ve been certified by a trained assessor
  • Independent verification that we can do what we say
  • Rest assured that your fire safety company is competent

Fire Extinguisher Provision

Work with Wirral Fire and you work with a company certificated with BAFE SP101. Read more about BAFE here.

Choose Wirral Fire to take reasonable steps to ensure your Fire Extinguisher supplier and fire suppression systems are competent. This is a requirement of the responsible person as laid out in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The professional fire safety industry recognizes the requirement to check the certifications of Fire Safety company. Our MD Mike Pearson has more than 30 years industry experience. As a result you will benefit from his objective advice, he often saves customers money. Above all, you will have peace of mind that your staff, customers and assets are properly protected.

A Company You Can Trust

Wirral Fire has worked with tens of thousands of premises during the last thirty years. We cannot purchase the BAFE accreditation, it’s a rigorous assessment we have to pass. If you suspect a company is using the BAFE logo when they are not entitled to do so please report it here.


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