Electrical Enclosure Fire Suppression – Your Local Jactone Approved Installer

The challenge of protecting electrical enclosures from fire is seen in almost every workplace; from colleges and offices to factories and warehouses. The risk of fire is is a particular problem where there might be faulty equipment, damaged wiring or improper installation.

A fully tested and approved system will give you peace of mind. Electrical enclosure fires are not immediately identifiable, well sealed enclosures prevent heat and smoke escaping. Without proper detection it is too late to take action.

Electric Enclosure Fire Suppression – Jactone Approved Installer

A highly engineered system to give you peace of mind. Distribution, control and server rooms are all essential to your business running smoothly. Don’t leave fire safety to chance in electrical enclosures. A direct low pressure system, that does no harm to equipment or stored data is the answer.

Why Choose PAFSS Fire Suppression:

  • Fully tested and approved system
  • Direct low pressure system is engineered to protect small enclosures
  • Complies with Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1666
  • Prevents fire spreading to neighbouring enclosures
  • NO human intervention required giving protection 24/7
  • NO electrical connection required meaning it actuates even in critical situations
  • NO damage to electrical equipment or data
  • Extinguishing agent does not harm the ozone layer
  • Manufactured in Britaint

PAFSS_Electrical Enclosures 1666_H650px

A single PAFSS direct low pressure system can protect up to FOUR enclosures.

Quickly and easily installed, complies with loss prevention standard LPS 1666.

Guards your assets 24 hours a day, 365 days year.

Ensures business continuity and prevents loss and injury.

“Disruption to electrical enclosures can severely impact the day to day operations of many businesses. 

Specifying a PAFSS system gives please of mind. The systems are in accordance with loss prevention standard LPS 1666, which refers to direct low pressure fire suppression systems. Installing this system gives protection inside the enclosures. This means fires can be extinguished rapidly, preventing fire spreading to adjacent enclosures, other equipment and the building at large. 

A PAFSS electrical enclosure fire suppression system is a sound investment.  It reduces the risk to assess, staff and visitors.  Reducing loss, minimised down time and keeps your business running more smoothly. Prevention really is better than cure and affordable, state of the art systems are available to boost business continuity.”

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