Chester Fire Extinguishers

Chester Fire Extinguishers

The dangers of smoke and fire are well known by those with their own property or business, and it is essential to be prepared in the event of a fire. There are also many types of fire which can be confusing, but knowing where and when to place and use the correct fire extinguisher is invaluable to your business, staff and property.

Fire can strike extremely quickly and needs to be controlled quickly; otherwise it could spread and cause more damage, and even loss of life. All Chester Fire Extinguishers come with a 10 year guarantee and can be replaced free-of-charge before this, alongside instructions for the best positions and how to use the extinguishers to eliminate fire in your workplace.

Water Fire Extinguishers are suitable for Class A fires, which are fires involving wood, paper and fabrics. They are available in 9L water canisters, a water-mist and even as water with additives. Depending on what the area is used for, a trained fire expert can guide you through which ones would be most beneficial to you.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers are most suited to Class B fires, that cover electrical equipment and flammable liquids. Carbon Dioxide is released as a white cloud, which starves the area of Oxygen, so it is important not to get in the way of this extinguisher. CO2 offers the best protection against electrocution.

Foam Extinguishers can tackle both Class A and Class B fires, giving additional protection. Foam works by creating a seal over the fire, keeping it under control and also stopping burning embers or ashes from travelling and creating additional fires.

Powder Extinguishers are the most versatile- suited to Class A, B and C fires. These come in a range of sizes to suit whatever environment they are required for, even shipping trades. They can tackle flammable liquid fires, gases, electrical equipment and even oil and engine fires. Chester fire extinguishers also supply Purple K Powder extinguishers, best suited to fighting high fires.

Wet Chemical Extinguishers are most suited to the newest classification of fire- Class F. This entails oil and cooking fat fires, such as used in a large kitchen of a restaurant. They release a clever combination of water and chemical compounds that sit on the surface of the liquid and react with the top layer, creating a seal.

Automatic Extinguishers are used in unmanned places or areas where they are risks of fire, but that no-one really visits during the day. These can independently tackle Class A, B and C fires, activating immediately once a fire has been started. With a life-span of 5-10 years when kept under the right conditions, this is a long-term investment to keep you and your property as safe as possible, even when you are not around.

There are many ways to tackle many different fires and it is important to be informed and prepared for any event. Loss of life and damage to property can be devastating enough, but the rebuilding takes time and money that you may not have.

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