PAFSS Auto Fire Suppression System

The PAFSS auto system is primarily designed for use on bus and coach vehicles. We think it is a really clever way to protect your assets, staff and customers. It is also a way to comply with UNECE 107. The regulation makes it mandatory for certain classes of bus and coach to install a fire suppression system.

The system will protect vehicles 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Safety is paramount, the approved and certified Jactone system meets the requirements to protect engine compartments; four discreet fire extinguishing tests give you total peace of mind.

Watch the video below. It will show you the operation principals of the Jactone PAFSS® for buses and coaches. Once you have watched it you will have an understanding of how this genius system works.

PAFSS_Auto Fire Suppression
PAFSS Auto Fire Protection:

  • Protection inside the engine compartment
  • Automatic discharge at the heart of the fire
  • No power is required for detection
  • No power is required for actuation
  • No human intervention necessary
  • Automotive grade detection tube
  • Mitigates all categories of fire risk
  • Fast and effective

PAFSS Auto Fire Suppression System | Bus & Coach Fire Suppression

System Monitoring: System health monitored in real time.

Repellant: Nitrogen repellant. Fire tested at -40 (minus 40 degrees C)

Anti corrosion: Advanced two stage cylinder protection.

Robust: Engineered to work under vibration and extremes of temperature.

PAFSS_Bus-Coach fire suppression

Providing fire safety within the engine compartment allows quick and effective fire suppression. The most effective way to prevent fire from spreading.

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