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Hydrants & Valves

Alongside our Dry Riser Testing Services, we also offer an in-depth knowledge of valves, penstocks and actuators to suit specific customer needs across a range of products.

Our services extend to troubleshooting and site surveys, supply and installation and the manufacture of ancillary equipment.

The examples you will find on this page are just a flavour of the wide range of valves we can supply. Get in touch to find out more about these items, or for any enquiries about products not listed here.

Underground HydrantsUnderground hydrant

The Series 29/91 is the dimensional equivalent of a squat hydrant but with a full, straight bore from inlet to outlet. This allows a greatly enhanced flow-rate and ease of introduction and retrieval of pipe maintenance and measurement equipment. It is suitable for use with water and neutral liquids to a maximum temperature of +70°C. Complies with requirements of BS 750:2012 and BS EN1074-1:2000 and EN 14339:2005, underground hydrants. Also to BS EN 1074-6 for potable (drinking) water. Resistant to corrosion of other component parts. Resistant to disinfection products.

Undergorund hydrant 2The Series 29/388 is a squat fire hydrant suitable for use with water and neutral liquids, to a maximum temperature of 70°C. Complies with requirements of BS 750 and BS EN1074- 2:2004 and EN 14339:2005, underground hydrants. Also to BS EN 1074-6 for potable (drinking) water.

It is recommended that applications in a corrosive atmosphere or sited in exposed locations use a stainless steel stem 1.4404 (316) and all exposed fasteners in A4 stainless steel.

Barrel Nostalgic Hydrant 1
Barrel Nostalgic Hydrants

Meets or exceeds AWWA C502 (latest) – Working Pressure – 250 PSI
Inlet Bases: Flanged in accordance with ANSI B16.1 Class 125,
Mechanical and Push-On Joint in accordance with ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11.

Telescopic Indicator Posts

Will fit any gate valve (4″ – 16″) with a post indicator mounting plate and a 2″ square wrench nut

• UL/ULC Listed and FM approvedTelescopic Indicator Post 1
• Designed to operate on 4-inch through 12-inch indicator valves
• Can be ordered to open left or open right
• Pre-cast threaded boss for mounting a supervisory switch
• Telescoping Indicator Posts are available in 3 basic lengths. Each has a 23-inch adjustment range and can be easily adjusted in the field without disassembly
• The unique telescoping stem design eliminates the need to disassemble and saw off sections of stem
• Upper and lower barrels are made of carbon steel for durability
• Operating wrench can be locked on to make the valves tamper proof

Flanged Gate Valves

Flanged gate valve with rising stem OS&Y, with rising stem and handwheel, UL/FM approved, for fire protection applications to maximum temperature of 70° C

• FiFlanged Gate Valve 1xed, integral wedge nut prevents vibration and ensures durability
• Fully EPDM rubber vulcanized wedge in ductile iron with guide rails, integrated wedge shoes and a large conical stem hole
•  Stem of copper alloy C36000 with wedge stop and rolled threads for high strength. DN 300 is of aluminium bronze
• Stuffing box for re-tightening with three main O-rings, and two NBR O-rings in a polyamide gland bushing
• Round NBR bonnet gasket fixed in a recess
• Countersunk and sealed bonnet bolts of acid-resistant stainless steel A4 up to DN 200 and of anti-friction coated steel 12.9 in DN 250-400, encircled by the bonnet gasket
• Rated working pressure, DN 50-300: 250 PSI, DN 350-400: 200 PSI
• Full bore
• Low operating torque
• Epoxy coating to DIN 30677-2 and AVK guidelines, RAL 3000. UV resistant coating on request
• Other flange drillings on request

Resilient Seated Ductile Iron Gate Valves

The series 45 valve is a ductile-iron valve that meets or exceeds all of the requirements of AWWA C509. All ductile iron, they also meet or exceed the requirements of AWWA C515 with the full wall thickness of AWWA C509. Available in all end configurations including grooved ends, tapping valves, and OS&Y. The grooved ends are to AWWA C606.

• Certified to NSF 61 by Underwriters LaboratoriesResilient Seated Ductile Iron Gate Valve 1
• All AVK gate series 45 valves meet or exceed the requirements of AWWA C509 and C515
• Stainless steel stem – standard
• Lead free
• Threads rolled in a separate cold pressing process to enhance strength
• Rolled threads ensure smooth thread edges and low operating torques
• Twice the yield strength required by AWWA eliminates bent and broken stems
• Bronze stems are available
• Stainless steel bolts – standard
• Packing gland bolts and bonnet bolts are stainless steel for corrosion resistance
• Bonnet bolts are countersunk and capped with hot melt to totally isolate the bolts from corrosive environments
• O-ring bonnet gasket wraps each bolt to prevent corrosion
• Bonnet blow offs due to bolt corrosion eliminated
• Fully encapsulated wedge with EPDM – standard
• Ductile iron wedge fully encapsulated in EPDM rubber with an integral bronze stem nut for optimum corrosion protection and precision wedge tracking
• EPDM resists attack from chloramines
• Ductile iron gland flange for protection should the valve be over-torqued in the closed direction – will not break or crack
• Gland flange equipped with cast in lifting lugs for easy handling3
• Wiper ring – to prevent impurities from entering the stem and to protect the o-rings
• Two o-ring stem seals to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear – replaceable under full pressure
• Third o-ring stem seal protects upper stem from impurities entering from the water way
• Coating to AWWA C550 – Electrostatically applied fusion bonded epoxy coating inside and outside for excellent corrosion resistance
• 100% testing – All valves tested to 250 PSI / 500 PSI as required by AWWA
• Listed by UL, ULC and FM

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