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Fire Risk Assessment

Wirral Fire Protection’s assessments include on-going support and provide (free of charge) a fire safety logbook, emergency plan, fire safety policy, fire evacuation procedure, staged evacuation procedure, stay-put policy, young persons policy, and hot work permit.

Your Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) is the cornerstone of the Fire Safety Order and the starting point for all responsible persons or business owners. Without doubt, article 9  of the Fire safety Order has been the cause of most anxiety and concern and the catalyst of many debates and forums amongst fire safety professionals since it became a mandatory duty in 2006. With no third-party accreditation scheme in place, it seemed anybody could now claim to be a fire risk assessor.

Remember, your fire risk assessment governs everything else. Whether you require an alarm or more detectors, fire doors, suppression systems, structural alterations (including fire rated partitions), additional means of escape… and the list goes on. Under-experienced assessors do not understand the areas where flexibility can be applied, that British Standards are only guides, and that an engineered approach may not only be more suitable, but a cheaper and less disruptive option for the business.

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