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Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Fire Alarms

break glassFew companies have the expertise necessary to provide you with comprehensive cover and guidance in the highly specialist and widely misunderstood field of fire detection and alarm systems. This often leads to poorly installed and configured systems leaving your employees/occupants and workplace at unnecessary risk.

False alarms must be avoided at all costs to ensure the building users do not become complacent leading to early warnings being ignored. We ensure our engineers regularly attend industry related training modules covering the various aspects from design to installation, commissioning and servicing. Now trading for over twenty years we have an excellent reputation with not only our clients but the areas various regulatory bodies. This is due to the reliability and high quality of service we provide together with our high calibre staff and efficient and transparent charging process. We also undertake work for both Facilities Management Organisations and Electrical Contractors who rely on us to provide a fully managed service to their client

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  • Do you need your fire alarm/detection system to protect life, property or both?
  • Do you require a conventional or a fully addressable system?
  • Have you considered a radio system?

Wirral Fire Protection can provide a full design package that dovetails with your business needs or complies with your Local Authorities requirements. The package may include;

  • Site surveys
  • Radio survey
  • Consultation & advice
  • Fire alarm categorization
  • Drawings
  • Diagrammatic zone representations
  • Consultation with Local Authorities


The reliability and longevity of an installed fire alarm system is attributable to two critical factors;

  1. The installers experience and understanding of BS5839.
  2. The quality of the systems individual components.

Beware – Low cost budget fire alarms and components can be purchased from any electrical wholesaler. This may have a significant bearing on the price quoted. Make sure you ask those tendering for such works for this information. It is crucial to avoid being left with a system that may have to be replaced within a few years.

As we offer a periodic testing regime on any system we install, it is not in our interest to use anything other than genuine parts with proven reliable track records. Having to visit all our valued local customers on a six monthly basis and tell them the alarm we installed is faulty would mean we would not have been in business for over twenty years. We offer a three year parts and labour guarantee on all fire alarms installed providing that the system is inspected and tested by ourselves at the prescribed periods and in accordance with BS 5839 part 1 or part 6. The fitting and configuring of fire alarm systems should not be attempted by security alarm installers or electricians who have not acquired (by way of training / accreditations) the relevant skills and knowledge in this field. This could lead to them, and/or the person responsible for employing them, being fined, imprisoned or both.

Without the necessary experience and understanding in this field a multitude of problems can arise leading to persons within the building being exposed to unnecessary risk. These may include;

  • Poor cabling/zoning making the system unmanageable.
  • Poor detector positioning leading to slower response times.
  • Lack of coverage leading to unprotected areas.

Servicing and Maintenance

In order to comply with the law, the Regulatory Reform (fire Safety) Order 2005, your fire detection & alarm system must be subject to inspection and tested in accordance with BS 5839 part 1 (ie at least twice yearly) by a competent specialist organisation. This is not to be misunderstood with the manual call point/audibility tests which should be carried out by the dutyholders competent person and recorded on a weekly basis.

The purpose of this service is to ensure the full functionality of the entire system. In addition to the above checks, the engineers will confirm the suitability and functionality of the fire detector heads, back-up batteries, control & indicating equipment and cabling etc, and carry out various preventative actions which ensure the system performs to its optimum should a fire affect any of the areas to which the system extends. In addition to ensuring the reliability of the system regular servicing will ultimately extend the life of the system.

Fire alarms which are not serviced regularly are prone to slow response times due to the build up of dust within heads etc, even worse may not actuate at all. It is also worth remembering that failing to service your fire alarm system in accordance with the UK’s codes of practice gives your insurance provider an ideal reason to refute any claims for fire damages.

  • Activation of each automatic detector by heat or simulation of smoke.
  • Cleaning of detector heads.
  • Activation of each manual call point.
  • Full dBA audio sound level checks.
  • All manufacturer CIE checks.
  • Battery testing for correct temp, amp hr and voltage.
  • On site staff training (where required).
  • Reports and certification.

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